Saturday, August 02, 2003
Funding National Service

Author Dave Eggers, mentioned in this space (here) a few weeks ago in reference to a good but silly pirate movie, has this op-ed in today's New York Times (registration required). He's taking the Bush administration and House Republicans to task for not fulfilling their obligation to fully fund AmeriCorp and the programs -- teaching, tutoring, and more -- it funds that (1) provide direct service to people who need it and (2) provide college-age kids a chance to give something to the national community and to local communities.

Not only is his message thoughtful, but, in contrast to many op-eds, particularly those by members of the government and traditional advocacy groups, the manner in which he delivers it is uncluttered and free of obfuscation.

Egger's tutoring/creative-writing program in the San Francisco Bay area is 826 Valencia. Check it out, if you haven't previously.