Friday, August 15, 2003
End of the World, Part 42562

Devo is doing commercials for (the formerly Satanic, but much better now) Procter and Gamble's Swiffer brand of cleaning tools. Thanks to Dragonleg at Shattered Buddha for the link.

Wanna see the commercial? Okay. It's your head.

What's next? Some cruise line using Iggy Pop's Lust for Life in their commercials?

Speaking of Iggy.... Agenda Bender offers some schwinging Iggy words on the mongo Northeast power outage.

Speaking of power outages, it only took sixteen days (warning: The whole article is a link to send mail to the author) to get the power back on to some folks in Memphis after a storm there late last month. Our landlady who lives there was without power for eight days. In Memphis. In August.

What's that smell? It's only the river. It's only the river.