Thursday, July 03, 2003
TSA: You Asked!

Flablogger Mark Lane sez (here): "Sheesh. When TSA isn't bullying passengers and groping female passengers, it's flat out stealing passengers' stuff. Does anyone feel safer with this group on the job?" (TSA: US Transportation Security Agency, the post-9/11 federal-government takeover of airport security part of the post-9/11 federal-government expansion.)

Well, yes, some do, me included. I think all-in-all they're much more professional, thorough, and courteous when it comes to security than the contracted scum with undertrained and sometimes illegally-employed hacks they replaced were.

In recent travels, I haven't had any TSA problems. They search my bags, my stuff is left alone (not that they would want my stuff, but I can imagine them having a hoot over some of it -- "Hey, get a load of this"), and they put their little "we searched your bag" card in, and sometimes they even put their blue TSA tape over the lock like they're supposed to. But it's still better than having a similarly-packed bag gone through right there at the Delta counter at DAB by some off-duty sheriff's deputy at 5:30 a.m. in the morning with your boss standing in line watching.

The TSA has their detractors, though. See the articles Lane links to. And WebFlyer guy Gary Leff has been on the TSA's case from the get go.