Tuesday, July 08, 2003
That Damned Dragonleg

The Blog*Spot blog formerly known Shattered Buddha, authored by Dragonleg, referenced as http://dragonleg.blogspot.com/, has made the leap.

No Dragonleg didn't join Sister Wiona on the last bus to Newark, but he has removed his blog to http://www.shatteredbuddha.com/. He's part of some new blog technology test.

Damn him. I was hoping to get out of this hell hole before he did.

And he's got comments, too. And a blue-and-green color scheme.

Tim Bob sez check it out!

Addendum (8:43 pm EDT, 8 JUL 03): The technology in question is TypePad, the latest in blog-authoring-plus-hosting from the Moveable Type creators at Six Apart.