Thursday, July 03, 2003
Small World Phenomenon, Part 285179830

Dragonleg has this entry up linking to this long piece about "MIT student Tim Anderson" and some attempt to get to Cuba.

I'm pretty sure that this Tim Anderson is the brother of my former 6.002 (Circuits) lab partner Mark Anderson, and, sorry, but Tim was, as far as I know, never an MIT student. Instead, he's someone who's just inserted himself into the MIT community, almost by osmosis, or the way an amoeba incorporates foreign matter by surrounding it. Tim showed up to visit Mark, and, if I recall correctly, just never really left. He's always been tied up in one artsy-fartsy project or another since he got there.

I think the last time I saw him was when I dropped off my first-edition 64K Macintosh (something like serial number 648), because Tim was sending old computers to Vietnam or someplace similar, when I left Boston in January 1994. And the time before that was when he and some of his art people showed up at my finished-the-dissertation / Halloween party with a copy of Reefer Madness.

His brother Mark (I think that's the right link) is a cool guy. It all started when I walked into lab, Mark was at the first station alone, and I said, "Wanna be lab partners?". Mark lived in a dorm suite with another friend Paul Maglio, and later they were roommates. Mark's first car was some beat-up Toyota Corolla with an "E.T. Phone Home" bumper sticker on it. (Hey, our first house had a "Who Shot J.R.?" bumper sticker on the garage door.)

I lost touch with Mark sometime after he left Boston, and I was never really close to Tim.

Time passes.