Friday, July 25, 2003
Presidential Wish List

Up at Alphecca, Jeff Soyer has put together a list of criteria for Presidential candidates.

I put my own list together sometime back in the dark ages of last September. Here it is. If I were to give it a little more thought, I'd probably revise these, but I'm still interested in hearing candidates address those particular issues.

I think there's good value to each individual thinking about what she or he wants out of a President -- or any other candidate for political office -- before the speechifying and advertising starts for real. Rather than evaluating the candidates against each other based on their own spewings about themselves and each other, evaluate them against your own criteria, against the things that matter to you.

You still have to use their output as input to your process, but you try to keep them out of the process of determining how you evaluate and judge them.

Addendum, Saturday, 26 July 2003, 5:49 CDT. Please see Non Endorseum, above.