Saturday, July 26, 2003

The New York Times (registration required for anything deeper than the web front) has this nice travel piece about visiting Chattanooga.

My dad was originally from Jellico, Tennessee (Tennessee/Kentucky, actually), but his family moved to Chattanooga when he was still grammar-school age. He grew up there, and his mom lived there until she died in 1977 (in her 90s, if I recall. The last words I remember were her in her hospital bed -- she had fallen and broken her hip for the second time in ten years, and my aunts and uncles (my dad was already gone from this world) were working out the details of getting her into a nursing home) -- saying, "Timmy, don't let them put me in a nursing home."

I was 20 years old. What could I do except relay that she didn't want to go into a nursing home -- she'd been living with my dad's oldest brother since time immemorial -- to them.

She passed away three days later, before they could get her into a nursing home.

Anyway, Chattanooga is a neat place. Mack and I visited the Tennessee Aquarium, sawRock City, and went to Point Park on Lookout Mountain, part of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Parkk, there in 1995, and I see a cousin and his wife there just about every year when I go to Sand Mountain (northeast Alabama) for my mom's family's reunion.

Also, it's home to the Krystal (of which I had four, plus two Chiks, fries, and a Diet Coke, for dinner tonight).