Monday, July 21, 2003
Bucksnort Report

Back in my home county -- Hickman County, Tennessee -- some seemingly pretty shady operators clear-cut a bunch of land near a creek near the Bucksnort community. (Those of you who've driven I-40 from Nashville to Memphis or vice-versa may be familiar with the name.) The purported purpose was to locate a landfill on the site.

But, the seemingly pretty shady operators punted on the landfill. Their clear-cutting changed the local hydrology, and a mess of silt drained into that little creek, ruining the water quality. The clear-cutting counts as tree harvesting, so under Tennessee's advanced (yeah, right) environmental laws, the seemingly pretty shady operators didn't have to do an environmental impact study. Removing the stumps did require a permit, which they didn't get. They did finally put in some silt fences, but it sounds like there's still ongoing damage to the creek.

When told about the compaints, one of the seemingly pretty shady operators responded that they were thinking about locating a stinky old factory hog farm there, and added, "Let them think about that for a while." Nice, huh? Wanna know more about factory hog farming? Try this and this. (This Seaboard" company mentioned in one of those links invaded -- almost literally -- the Oklahoma panhandle where Mack's from within the past decade. Take it from me: You don't want to be downwind from one of these hog factory farms.)

Here's the Bucksnort story from the (Nashville) Tennessean.