Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Oh, Ontario!

Yesterday, the Ontario Supreme Court ruled that same-sex partners had the same right to get married that different-sex ones do.

As Andrew (Pledge Drive) Sullivan points out (here), this is a truly an important event. This isn't registered partnerships, this is marriage. And as he also points out, recognizing lesbian and gay folks' partnerships as marriages does not "oppress" folks whose religious beliefs don't recognize same-sex marriages. Nor will it lead to the collapse of Western Civilization. In fact, it's a way to strengthen Western Civilization against fundamentalist yahoos of all stripes.

Civil marriage. Religious marriage. They're not the same; haven't been for some time.

The US media seems particularly unimpressed with this story. There's one item in this news roundup at the New York Times. I didn't find much else. I didn't do a very exhaustive search, but this is the kind of story I'd like to see leap off the front pages.

Here's the court's ruling.