Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Dems 2004?

Mike Silverman is not impressed with the use of the war with Iraq as a campaign tactic against Bush 43.

I think he's right. I saw a bumper sticker on a late-model Benz yesterday saying "Regime Change // Be There // November 2, 2004". That may be a way to keep the Democratic core in line, but I really doubt that's going to bring many swing voters back to vote Democratic in the next presidential election.

Addendum, 11 June 2003, 6:23 p.m.: Howard Fineman at MSNBC has this piece about the downsides of the Democrats trying to frame the 2004 election on the current lack of evidence for weapons of mass destruction. He argues, though, that if Bush can't answer the question "Are you safer today than you were four years ago" in the affirmative, then he's in trouble.

At the other end of the MSNBC-Newsweek-Washington Post axis, the WaPo has this piece by Terry Neal which is more ambiguous about whether the missing-WMDs story might work positively for the Democrats.