Sunday, May 25, 2003
Next? No Bad Behavior

Local readers are likely aware of how Daytona Beach leadership is always pushing to keep the image of the city and region as "Family Friendly" up front. How long will it be before they latch onto Virginia Beach's "No Bad Behavior" slogan. It would only be an increment from existing attitudes, as exhibited here (scroll down to PDF page 11, text page 1619, to read the entire text of the debate on a "public nudity" ordinance, adopted last fall, that banned thong bikinis).

This story in today's Washington Post tells of the Virginia Beach approach.

Personally, I'm more favorably inclined towards the New Orleans attitude, "Be Nice or Leave", as implemented, say, at The Clover Grill or by Dr. Bob. But, my prediction is that within the year, Daytona Beach will be telling its visitors "No Bad Behavior".