Thursday, May 29, 2003
Ho Boy!

Here's a compliation of all mathematics references on The Simpsons, put together by Andrew Nestler at Santa Monica College. Isn't that just what you've been waiting for?

An example entry:
The PTA Disbands (2F19, 4/16/95)

1. Lisa has a Math book and a box of cafeteria-style fish sticks in her Strike Preparedness Kit.

2. A teacher carries a picket sign reading, "2 + 2 / A Raise Is Due."

3. Prof. Frink, substitute teacher for the preschoolers, demonstrates a popcorn lawnmower toy.

Frink: So the compression and expansion of the longitudinal waves cause the erratic oscillation -- you can see it there -- of the neighboring particles.

[child raises hand]

Frink: Yes? What is it. What. What is it?

Child: Can I play with it?

Frink: No, you can't play with it. You won't enjoy it on as many levels as I do. [Happy noises] The colors, children! [More noises]
And then there's this page from Sarah J. Greenwald at Appalachian State, with even more Simpson's mathematics references and information.

Link (here) via Lucianne Goldberg's boy, Jonah (he's not the wrestler), at National Review Online.