Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Heather Havrilesky: Marxist-Feminist!

Richard Bennett, apparently no close relation to the equally distasteful Bill and Bob Bennett, doesn't get former Suckster (Filler anyone?), Rabbitblogger, and now, I guess, Salon teevee critic Heather Havrilesky. In particular, he's pissed about her comments (warning: ad click-through required) on Dennis Miller's recent HBO stand-up gig.

I saw part of that show, and I didn't think this particular piece by her was anywhere near accurate -- i.e., I thought it was funnier than hell -- but if Bennett seriously thinks that Havrilesky is part of the Marxist-feminist clique, I think he's been suckered in by reading her bio a little too literally.

I like Bennett's up-front earnestness and seriousness, but maybe he needs to either wise up (or loosen up) to the fact that not everyone can be read with the same set of face values. I guess there's some small chance that I'm being snookered by facetiousness on Bennett's part, but given his recurring shtick I'd quantify small as being, oh, one in 100.