Saturday, May 24, 2003
Gay Male Promiscuity

Eugene Volokh, at The Volokh Conspiricy has been busy debunking claims that all gay men are promiscuous. His bottom line is that gay men in some small fraction of the population have lots of sex partners, while the vast majority of gay men don't.

Two questions: (1) Why no comparable attention to straight guys? Aren't some fraction of them horndogs who get substantially more action than their counterparts (although likely less than gay guys just because of the guy-guy vs. guy-gal dynamic. (2) Does that fact that some men or women are promiscuous have any implication for those individuals' civil rights? In my own reasoning, I can't say that it does. Not only should it have no impact on their civil rights, it also should, excepting rare cases of public responsibility (like, say, former President Clinton) have no impact on their social status, employment status, community status, etc.

The "opposition" is likely to argue that it has a public health dimension. Yes, but so does the promiscuity of straight men, sexual behavior of straight men who frequent prostitutes, etc. Ultimately, there's probably more light to be shown on the topic by considering it as one of men's sexuality, not of gay men's sexuality.