Tuesday, May 20, 2003
All Jessica, All the Time

Dragonleg, in a moment of less-uniform skepticism, seems to have bought into the BBC story about the rescue of USA POW Jessica Lynch as having been staged. Instapundit, on the other hand, has links here and here to purported debunkings of the BBC story from several angles.

I know this probably makes me naive or complicit, but I am more inclined to trust the US military than either the BBC or some Iraqi doctors who I have no personal knowledge of. Yes, that's knowing what I know about the US military. Given the amount of fighting that had gone down in that area, there's little reason to believe any group of service personnel would agree to use blanks for some staged rescue. And without further information as to their participation with the Ba'athist regime, there's not much reason to believe what Iraqi doctors say, especially when they could possibly be tried for war crimes or crimes against humanity, given some of the things that Iraqi doctors did.