Thursday, April 24, 2003
No Blogs in This House

The Hartford Courant has told one of its writers to stop blogging. Mark Lane has the details here.

Blech. Some obscure former reporter or publisher passes away, and it's all over the front of the paper as if everyone in the world is interested. But tell a reporter to shut up, and there's nothing there from the paper itself. Lane has this link to Editor and Publisher which has the gorey details.

Addendum: Ken Layne is all over this, too, here.
Incredible, isn't it? The guy writes with some confidence about blogs having the power to overturn dictators. He lives in a country with the most fantastic free-speech protections in the world. And a chickenshit tyrant from a small-town newspaper tells him to shut up or lose his job.

It's rotten but hardly unexpected when Iranian bloggers get shut down by the nervous old bastards. It's repulsive but utterly normal when Castro starts another wave of executing journalists. At least we can look at the calendar and say with some confidence that those regimes will fall, and soon.

In America, the tyrant is the little man presiding over a roomful of employees ruled by Fear. He is the hate-filled middle manager, the brown-nose, the squealer, and especially the corporate mid-sized newspaper editor. Like the squirrel, he is a lifelong fraud, gladhanding the Chamber of Commerce boys and Board of Realtors while occasionally shitting out bogus pronouncements about journalistic integrity and Free Speech and that Pulitzer he bought a dozen years ago. His time is nearly up, too.

Addendum II: The individual being silenced is Denis (one n) Horgan, and his blog is here.