Sunday, March 16, 2003
Immigration Issues

Just when I write a long post about immigration policy and this article by Dan Baum from the LA Times magazine (registration required) in which he, in my opinion, portrays anti-immigration activists as racist jerks or gun-toting yahoos, the always reliable (yeah, right) Blogger decided to balk at my entry. Hate Blogger; hate Blogger very much. But I blame Google and whatever they're doing trying to spiff things up at Blogger and Blog*Spot.

Anyway, besides the link to the article, here's links to info on Michael Lind and Carol Swain, both of who have argued that paying attention to those opposed to the volume of immigration -- not lip-service paying attention, but giving the ideas due consideration -- is a worthy activity.

My apologies for not trying to reconstruct the entire article. I'm kinda irritated right now.