Sunday, March 16, 2003
Getting Antsy?

Some folks seem to be getting ansty about the timing of the very likely upcoming war with Iraq. My unsolicited advice to them: Chill.

Trust that the military leadership will let the political leadership know whether or not the timing of the political decisions is negatively impacting the ability of the servicepeople to perform their duties without undue casulties. Trust that the political leadership has information, from both the military and from intelligence agencies, that you or I clearly don't, and that they are able to use that information appropriately to make tactical and strategic decisions.

The timing of the war is a tactical issue. The strategic issue of who will and who won't be part of the coalition is still playing out. Yes, the playing out can seem interminable, but I don't know of good reasons to believe I have information that tells me today as opposed to next week is absolutely a better day to start the war, and I doubt if anyone I'm reading does either.

This war should not be something we desire. If it has to happen, then it should happen as a responsibility to ourselves and to future generations. So, please: A little more thoughtfulness about the awful necessity of what we're doing and a little less "let's get it over with all right, already".