Friday, February 28, 2003
Welcome Bikers!

It's Bike Week here in Daytona. There's a small but not miniscule chance I'll take and post some photos. (There's also this Bike Week link.)

Seems like a small crowd so far. The rain today hasn't helped, though. By this time next week, my twenty-minute commute will take an hour. But, it's only once or so a year, and there's plenty of eye candy of many varieties (mechanical, human, etc.) to look at, so who's complaining.

Addendum: "But what about the noise?"

I know, I know. Some are mighty sensitive to motorcycle acoustic emissions. I'm sympathetic to those folks, but to myself, much of whose intellectual (ha!) life is built around questions of sound separation and identification, having a large number of independent moving sources with similar acoustic qualities around for a week or so is fun and thought provoking.