Thursday, February 20, 2003
Quick Jumble of Links

Okay, so I'm having a hard time getting content up here. So, I'm going to cop out, and simply give you, the reader, some links accompanied by one-line comments. That's like 200% more comments than you usually get with a link!

Let the linkage begin:
  • This story in the Washington Post is about military logistics, particularly the logistics of getting the 101st Airborne from Ft. Campbell to the outskirts of Iraq.
  • Here's yesterday's New York Times op-ed by Tom Friedman. It contains this one-paragraph elevator explanation for why the likely-to-be upcoming war with Iraq is justified:
    Saddam does not threaten us today. He can be deterred. Taking him out is a war of choice — but it's a legitimate choice. It's because he is undermining the U.N., it's because if left alone he will seek weapons that will threaten all his neighbors, it's because you believe the people of Iraq deserve to be liberated from his tyranny, and it's because you intend to help Iraqis create a progressive state that could stimulate reform in the Arab/Muslim world, so that this region won't keep churning out angry young people who are attracted to radical Islam and are the real weapons of mass destruction.
  • James Lileks thing called The Bleat from yesterday:
    War is always the answer to war if war is brought down upon you. Evil requires resistance. If a man in a crowd grabs your child from your arms, you do not wonder what brought him to this moment, or petition the city council for a resolution requiring him to hand over the skeletons of his previous victims. You stab him in the eyeball with your car keys.
  • This article from yesterday's New York Times about one of the last Howard Johnson's restaurants ("Howard Johnson's, Howard Johnson's.... Wanna get some clams?") in the USA. It's in Times Square. I used to partake of one in Ocala, Florida, late at night after a gig during the brief time that I was a performing musician. A bacon burger, some onion rings, and lots of coffee. It was good.
  • From today's Times (I do more than read the New York Times so you don't have to, but this is what you're getting today) comes this story about rock bands in Malibu. Get this: Some of the members are kids of famous people.
  • And last but not least.... Today's Billings Gazette has this story about a committee of the Montana legislature's consideration of legalizing same-sex marriage. Go for it. Please!