Friday, February 14, 2003
The Post-Valentine's Day Concept

Mark Lane, Flablogger and Footnoter, runs another great idea up the flagpole, here: Post-Valentine's Day.
My helpful suggestion of setting aside Feb. 15 as post-Valentine's Day has, like so many proposals for rational social reform, gone nowhere.

Post-Valentine's Day is dedicated to life after old valentines. It celebrates old flames, ex-girlfriends, old boyfriends, first wives, former husbands in witness-protection programs, high-school sweeties, rebound relationships, foolish crushes, great catches thrown back into the sea of life and special friends who really did want to be friends, after all.

A day to recognize that special someone and that special restraining order keeping him or her at least 100 yards away from your car or front door.

It would be a day for closure, nostalgia, yearning, heavy drinking, legal correspondence and destruction of photographs. And no pressure. If you do a poor job, it confirms what they knew all along.
I recommend the entire piece.