Thursday, February 27, 2003
Not Edith Keeler, Too?

This just in: New Age yahoo Deepak Chopra suggests that he, the Pope, and the Dalai Lama serve as human shields in Baghdad. Story here from the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Chopra is in Memphis to speak. I don't know if he's hawking a new book or just continuing the hawking of old ones. ("Hawking": ironic word choice.)

"Edith Keeler" was the name of a character in the Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever", in which Kirk and Spock go back in time to prevent a drugged and deranged McCoy from preventing the accidental death of a peace activist. If the activist lives, passivism prevails, and Hitler wins WWII. I know it's difficult to believe that there's serious life instruction in something as cheezy as classic Star Trek can be, but this particular episode, written by Harlan Ellison, is pertinant in the current context.