Friday, February 07, 2003
It's Alive!

My laptop's back. Duration of the problem epoch: About two weeks. It started acted weird about two weeks ago tomorrow (Saturday, 8 Feb). Called IBM about it a week ago tomorrow. (Time on hold: five minutes. Time in consultation with service rep "Noman": about thirty-five minutes.) The box for return service arrived Tuesday, went out Wednesday morning, and returned today, with my computer (IBM ThinkPad T22) repaired just fine.

Say what you will about IBM, a three-year warranty is a good thing. Also, I found the service tech on the phone to be knowledgable and understanding; that is, he didn't try to force me to do things I'd already tried to solve the problem just because they were turning up next on his screen. Also, he skipped a few steps when he authorized me to return the computer for repair because it was clear that going through those steps weren't going to solve the problem.

While it was a pain to be without this trusty little beast, I'm really happy with how IBM handled this.

They had also previous taken good care of me when my old machine, an IBM ThinkPad 760ED had gone down. I had bought it used (i.e., previously leased) from them, but they took care of it under the original warranty.

That's http://www.ibm.com. And, yes, I would buy another computer from them.