Thursday, January 30, 2003
Waiting on Maglev

Volusia County has a high-tech secret: American Maglev Technology's manufacturing and testing facility in Edgewater. You'd think that with something as slick and potentially spiffy as magnetic levitation technology for rapid transit and people moving, folks would be hyping the activity, using it to play up Volusia County's potential as a place for research and technological growth.

On the other hand, with results like these, reported in today's Orlando Sentinel, maybe there's a pretty good reason very few around here talk about it. Maybe it's just another local boondoggle.

I first became aware of the local maglev connection through an a brief article on American Maglev in IEEE Spectrum, an article that's not online right now. On the other hand, at a local IEEE meeting we once heard about what sometimes passes for high tech locally: the new Advanced Technology Center (aka the Vo Tech school).