Thursday, January 09, 2003
Krispy Kreme vs. Cracker Barrel

Doug Malan (here -- link via Instapundit) ponders why Krispy Kreme is such a hit outside the south. In the process he compares Krispy Kreme with Cracker Barrel:
But that's the amazing thing about Newington, and now Milford, which opened the second Krispy Kreme in the state in November.

People are planning their days around buying these doughnuts. It has become a crusade for a simple ring of dough, and it's fascinating and strange to see.

Cracker Barrel executives must be envious. Collard greens and fried bologna aren't garnering that kind of attention, either. Is anyone out there clamoring for red eye gravy with grits and biscuits for breakfast?

No, not around here.
Mmmm. Krispy Kremes. A vehicle for delivery of warm fat and sugar to the human soul. (Like Malan, I grew up with 'em.)