Wednesday, January 01, 2003
Florida Crackers

Recently, when returning from a trip to beaches on the Florida panhandle (an entirely separate story), we had opportunity to stop for a moment in Perry at the Florida Cracker Homestead interperative site. Unfortunately, we couldn't really check it out. (We had just stopped there to let the dog get out of the car for a moment, and we wanted to be on our way, 'cause we had done a bunch of sightseeing along the US-98 route already that day.)

Since then I've been wondering about this whole "cracker" thing. I finally got around to doing a little Googling on the ""Florida cracker" phrase. This seems to be one of the more knowledgable and balanced pages discussing the origins of the term and the history of the peoples to which it applied. (It seems that the Cracker identity is mixed up, for some people, with the Sons of the Confederacy type flirting-with-racism nonsense.)