Monday, December 23, 2002
Zappa Lives

Well, actually, no. As they say at alt.fan.frank-zappa, Frank be jammin' up in hebbin' with, oh, Joe Strummer (see several items below).

But after griping about Charles Johnson's "idiotrarian" poll (immediately below), I checked out his LGF site for the first time in a while, and I found this log entry pointing to this piece by Mr. Frank Zappa regarding the music of Mr. Edward Varesse.

The larger point here is that besides the important behavior of getting input regarding points of view that are different that one's own, people with whom we don't necessarily agree often are interested in the same things we are. Or interested in things we're not interested in, but in a way that makes the world better, even with their politics. Choosing friends or acquaintences solely by their politics is not well-founded, in my opinion at least.

Political agreement is important in political matters, but there's more than politics to this world, even in times when our existence might be threated. For example, there's music, and, as FZ said (Warning, Will Robinson! Cheezy link follows!!) "music is the best".