Monday, December 23, 2002
The Idiotarian Concept Must Die

Lawrence, Kansas, blogger and good guy Mike Silverman, in his Red Letter Day blog encourages people to go to Little Green Footballs and vote for "Idiotarian of the Year" in this post.

Longer-term readers will recall that I'm very much ag'in' the entire "Idiotarian" concept. (You don't recall? You're not a longer-term reader? Go here for the evidence.) Even when applied to accurately identified specious thinking, it's a cheap schoolyard name-calling shot that doesn't exactly lead fence sitters to think well of the one who did the accurate analysis. So while I'm all for folks going and reading Mike's blog -- or Little Green Footballs for that matter -- I think taking a pass on this exercise is probably the wiser course.

I know. I know. It's pointless to insist on the distinction between stupidest thing said and most idiotic person. Well, I gotta have a few pointless quests. There might be an argument that I could better pick mine. Go ahead. I'm all ears.