Thursday, December 12, 2002
Hot Diggity Dog

Local columnist, all around nice guy, and Flablog owner Mark Lane points all (here) to a reprint of his recent Sunday column on kitchen appliances from the Daytona Beach News-Journal as it appears (here) in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (Dig the linkage density!) The Journal-Constitution presentation adds a vote on the most useless kitchen gadget you own, and Lane is lobbying for the Hot Dogger.

I have some vague memory -- well, possible memory, possible fantasy -- about constructing a hot-dog cooker with a two prep-school kitchen forks, some lamp cord, a board, and a couple of nails. I'm responsible enough now (aw shucks) to say, "Kids, don't try this at home until after you find out the resistance of a hot dog -- I'd say all of frozen, uncooked, and cooked -- and make sure the contraption won't draw so much current that it'll either blow a fuse or melt the lamp cord." Remember amps = volts over ohms and watts = volts times amps.

Personally, we love our Black and Decker Steamer for cooking veggies and for cooking rice. Since it gets used on a nearly daily basis, I dread the day when it finally fails. The newer ones are, somehow, different: more bells, more whistles. I want one-onto-one replacement of my old appliance with my new one.

Within the past couple of years, we had to put down a waffle iron / griddle that my folks had had when I was a wee one forty-some-odd years ago, and its replacement, while it does have teflon coating, just doesn't seem to get it right. It makes about 1/2 as many waffles / pancakes at a time as the older one did, and the temperature is uneven between the two sides. And I doubt that it will last forty-plus years.