Monday, November 18, 2002
The State of LBGTO High School Students

Here's an AP story from Tampa that appeared in yesterday's Palm Beach Post. It describes what some gay and lesbian students and some transgendered high-school students get to deal with in trying to get an education.
Five years ago, [Tampa P-FLAG president] Boles received a call from a Tampa student who wanted to start a club for gay teens at her school. The girl, who wore a rainbow ribbon on her blouse as she gathered signatures supporting the club's formation, was told by school officials that what she was doing was "wrong and immoral," Boles recalled, preferring not to name the school.

"They likened the rainbow to the Nazi flag."
The very fact that more schools have gay-straight alliances or any kind of formal or informal organization that gives kids who aren't straight some room to be themselves is a great plus, but, jeez, there's clearly lots of room for growth in building a better situation for these kids.

Kids may always be cruel to other kids, but that doesn't mean that school administrators and teachers have to help.