Wednesday, November 27, 2002
Gator Bait

Mr. Mark Lane of Flablog (and columnist for The News-Journal) recently posted this log entry about The Loop, a pleasurable drive along both sides of the local Halifax River. I've never completed the whole trip: In fact, I didn't even know The Loop existed until I read about it on Mark's blog.

Anyway, here's my abortive Loop experience. This is a note I wrote several years ago to my brother back in Tennessee.
We drove up north towards Flagler County this morning with Ursa [our chocolate lab]. Crossed the Halifax at the "Highbridge" (which is a little low draw bridge. Must be either a family name or a joke). It's kinda marshy and swampy over there, but we stopped at a clearing, and let the dog out.

We had taken her toys, particularly a Kong thing: molded rubbery plastic on a rope for retrieving. We had thrown it in the water three or four times with her swimming out to get it, when what do we see in the channel about thirty feet away.

Gator eyes just out of the water, making a beeline for where we were throwing the Kong. Where all the splashing was. Ursa was out of the water at the time, but it was hell keeping her from jumping back in to wait for the throw.

We didn't wait around to see if it got out onto land.