Wednesday, November 06, 2002
"Free Tibet!"

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. I'll be blogging from Boston (if and when I blog) the next few days.

After a bumpy and slow seeming flight from O-town to Logan on a Delta Express 737, I had the pleasure of arriving at the hotel here last night just as the Mitt Romney victory rally was breaking up. Happy Republicans flooding the streets, stopping traffic, hooting and hollering.

Later, I went to a local watering hole in the South End. A good turnout for a bar on a Tuesday night. Many gay folks upset at the results of the election. It wasn't quite as bad as the mood during the reporting of off-year results in 1994, but it had a similar feel.

Returning to the hotel at 2:00 a.m. or so, drunken Republicans were going from party to party in various rooms on various floors. A full elevator arrived at the lobby level. "Free Tibet!" several of the drunken Repulicans cried. We stop before we get to my floor. Drunken Republicans are there, waiting to go up. "Free Tibet!" some of those already on the elevator holler.

"Did Mitt have a position on Tibet?" one asked another. "It's near China," someone else said.

This morning, comments in a gay chat room tended to the "it's the end of life as we know it" regarding national election results, as well as what happened in Massachusetts. There is a substantial cohort within the gay community that has no sense of the true meaning of majority rule, no sense of the true meaning of loyal opposition, no sense of the true meaning of what participatory democracy is all about. One person described the President and his advisors as "a cabal that is truly evil".

Like when Reagan was president, they ascribe the results to a "stupid" populace that has been "fooled and hoodwinked". It just never seems to occur to these folks to do a little self reflection. If they did so, they would find that most of their left-wing positions regarding national security and international relations have almost zero support among the broader populace.

I don't really know enough about the Massachusetts governor's race to comment intelligently. In Florida, McBride got beat soundly by Jeb Bush. Do I regret that? Yes. Do I think that it's the end of life as we know it? No. Do I have a civic obligation to support the re-elected governor to the degree I can? Yes, as much as I'd rather not.

Not that Jeb's gonna call me for any favors.