Saturday, October 19, 2002
Why Not Anti-Islamofacist

It's telling that Eric Raymond's manifesto is titled "An Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto", as opposed to something like "A Call to Arms to Defend Freedom" or "An Anti-Islamofacist Manifesto".

Here's what I posted in comments on Eric's blog:
The manifesto should concern what we should do to defeat our enemies, not inside-politics inside-baseball who-shoves-whom-around-the-blogosphere nonsense. I don't have any problem with identifying stupid positions and policies and calling them what they are, but this whole "idiotarian" thing is a ridiculous playground-level waste of time. It's codification of an ad hominem approach to discourse.

What's important is to defeat the ones who want to kill us. I'm skeptical that labeling those who are acting dumb and saying idiotic things about how to do that is some kind of important step towards killing the ones who are trying to kill us.