Saturday, October 12, 2002
The Taylor Ad Broughaha

Just about everyone and their mother has weighed in on the Taylor ad controversy. Among them are Ted Barlow, Josh Marshall, Glenn Reynolds, and Andrew Sullivan.

One man's opinion: The ad is blatently designed to appeal to homophobia among the general-election voters. But, it's also a run-of-the-mill attack ad disguised as information.

Like most attack ads, it's intrinsically dishonorable. An honest ad would feature the Democratic Party candidate, Baucus, saying in his own words the problems he had with Taylor's beauty-school operation.

I don't know any way to put the attack-ad genie back in the bottle, but this ad, for all its individual problems, is just an example of a larger festering wound on the political process. The hypocrisy of those who attack or who defend this particular ad, but defend or attack ads just as nasty by their own or the other side is pretty obvious and pretty disgusting.