Friday, October 18, 2002
Smiles Forever Lost

Photos of some of the Australians killed in the Bali bombing can be found here, from the Sydney Morning Herald. These were surfers, rugby players, beach bums: kids enjoying their youth in the outdoors, in the sun.

Is there any people on Earth more like us Americans than the Australians in terms of loving the active life of a free individual? My heart goes out to all the folks over there down under who have lost someone.

That our common enemies would choose such a group to kill and maim should not surprise anyone. Our enemies hate freedom. Our enemies hate fun. Our enemies hate diversity.

Our enemies think their book, as interpreted by a self-selected few, can tell them everything about how to live. Apparently, it tells them nothing, for the first rule of how to live is, "Live and let live."

But once our enemies take the lives of our friends and our neighbors intentionally, and intend to keep doing so, we are not, cannot be, bound by that rule. Ultimately, they will regret their choice to destroy the lives they have.