Monday, October 07, 2002
Navigating the Herald

Mark Lane, who "navigates the Miami Herald so you don't have to," posted this entry which includes a quotation from a blog entry with (it seems to me) broken permalinks from Shattered Buddha, which includes a link to this story from the aforementioned Miami Herald

Say, Mr. Lane. Can you explain how to navigate the Herald's site? In the category of hard-to-get-around-ness, it's highly competitive. And if you can do that, I have several other newspapers' sites I'd be happy to let you navigate. You can start with just about any old Gannett site. Unless you hate pop-up ads.

Anyway, the story linked to above is about an older trailer park in Wilton Manors (Ft. Lauderdale) that represents a certain time in the cultural evolution of Florida.