Monday, October 07, 2002
Holland and Knight

The Miami Herald today features this L. A. Times length article on Holland and Knight, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride's law firm.

The story starts by describing how Holland and Knight didn't take the gay adoption case pro bono, how McBride made the decision not to. The situation involved conflicting positions between some partners in the firm and others, especially some new ones of an Orlando-based firm that had just merged with Tampa-based Holland and Knight.

The article is a little all over the place. After the gay-adoption angle, it's just a littany of Holland and Knight situations that don't look good for McBride: pro bono environmental work versus environmental cases in the employ of big business. Except for its length, there's little exceptional in the story, unless you have some image of the head of one of Florida's largest law firms as some kind of innocent or angel.

Still, given his new stature as nominee of the Dems for governon, it's not surprising that big Florida media would see it necessary to give McBride at least the illusion of a once over.