Monday, October 28, 2002
Bad Newspaper Article, Number 2952210

This AP story in the Palm Beach Post set off my bullshit detectors bigtime. The headline and lede refer to "tourists" supposedly complaining about Disney (beware, obnoxious Flash) having -- gasp -- a shooting gallery attraction with -- gasp -- toy guns at Disney World, but the article, at least as it appeared in the Post's online version, only had one tourist complaining. And that person was a Brit.
"It just seems a complete contradiction to be selling toy guns at a time when security searches are trying to detect concealed weapons and explosives that may be about to be used by terrorists," said Les Wright, a tourist from Oldham, England.

My instincts say that more likely some British tourist from Oldham, England, had a friend who was a reporter who wrote the story which got picked up by the AP. I mean, it's not like Disney issued a press release about the subject.