Friday, September 13, 2002
Warren Zevon Does His Chores

"Nobody does my chores so I can go upstairs and jam with Branford, y'know?" That's Warren Zevon in this piece in the L. A. Times. He's got terminal lung cancer, but it sounds like he's got a thing or two about living in this life figured out. Good on him, and good luck to him.

I saw him once. At the Tennessee Theater in downtown Nashville. Christopher "Ride Like the Wind" Boring-Ass Cross opened. Zevon rocked the place.

Sometimes I think that a decent life starts with "do your chores." It think Warren Zevon's had a decent life, even if he once was a wild-assed yahoo and then a drunk. You don't hold those against a man forever.

Some people get over those too soon. They seem to make -- or they try to make -- the switch from drunk or stoner or junkie or sex fiend to family man or church deacon overnight, and it just doesn't wash. They haven't taken time to just start doing their chores; instead, they make the switch, then they're all in everyone else's face about how to live right.

I think I'll ignore them and listen to Warren Zevon and those in similar situations instead. What's that album called again? Oh yeah. "Life'll Kill Ya".

So it will. Better get on with the livin', then. Start by doing your chores.