Saturday, September 28, 2002
Jeb Bush, Bill McBride Debate

Damn, I missed last night's debate between Bush the Governor and McBride the Challenger. Statewide coverage is spotty and inconsistent: The storm track of Tropical Storm Lili sells more papers than the race for governor. And, of course, despite the yapping about "liberal media bias" (which is often correct when applied to, say, NPR or the New York Times), many of these Florida rags are conservative owned, unabashedly Republican on the editorial page, and subtly right-wing in their news coverage. So, it's not surprising that there's no mention of the debate on their web sites' fronts.

Anyway, I found an ALL CAPS transcript of the debate at WJXT's site in Jacksonville. I read it like everyone was SHOUTING.

I haven't found any online video. If someone runs across it, please point me to it. Video of the debate is supposed to be rebroadcast on the Sunshine Network along with cablecast and recablecast of other more-physical sporting events. If they were nice, they'd put up streaming video.