Sunday, September 29, 2002

Mark Lane (here) on blog comments: "I don't have comments boxes, either. It's just more code and only encourages angry people with too little to do."

Well, clearly I don't worry about the code. I was an early adopter when it came to rolling your own web page back in nineteen-ninety-whatever. We even tried to do regular updates on the EE Department web page at the university I previously taught at. I'm completely happy using someone else's tools for blogging.

I don't particularly care for comments in general, although I'm not beyond using them to say something if they're available. If I see something I want to comment on or link to, I usually say something at this site, then e-mail the person or persons who run the site I'm linking to.

Comments have too much Usenet-like flamage possibilities. I think one of the better attributes of blogs, at least the ones I read regularly, is a lack of the "Jane, you ignorant slut" qualities of Usenet and other BBS-like discussion. Personally, I believe that comments detract from that.