Thursday, August 29, 2002
Bullies for "Family"

The Tampa-based Florida Family Association is pulling out the stops and acting like bullies in trying to keep the City of Orlando from implementing an anti-discrimination provision regarding sexuality. The story, from the Orlando Sentinel, can be found here.

It's such an honest shame that some folks can't see that the condition of human rights and respect isn't a zero-sum situation. Protecting the rights of sexual minorities is, in fact, perfectly consistent with protecting the rights of religious people and families. Framing it any other way is, in my opinion, a short-sighted mistake.

Supposedly, these "Family" folks are against porn. What's that got to do with whether an employer should be able to release or not hire someone because that person isn't heterosexual? Hmmm. Could it be that these "Family" people are really more interested in imposing their version of Christianity on everyone else than in stopping the downsides of pornography? Hmmmm.