Saturday, July 20, 2002
Silence is Golden

From The Vicar's Diary at the Discipline Global Mobile web site (and also at The Vicar's own site).
On a different note, I must offer my support to Mike Batt, whose new group the Planets are apparently in dispute with the inheritors of John Cage's catalogue, who are claiming that the One Minute's silence on the Planets' album is a quote from JC's piece 4 mins 33 of silence. And that he should pay them publishing.

It seems obvious to this wizened old man, that the Planets were performing that well known piece in the common domain "The One minute silence" regularly played at memorial services.

Somewhere below all this, there lies a more serious point about the communality of ideas, but now is clearly not the time. This is about money and publicity.

Addendum: Michael Porter in this same-titled-as-above entry at his Views from the Outside blog has a pointer to more info on the lawsuit mentioned by The Vicar in the above. Michael's also got an image of the score for "A One Minute's Silence".