Tuesday, July 30, 2002
The Never-Ending Saga of Gay Republicans

Here's a story from the Orlando Sentinel about Patrick Howell, a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives district currently held by Republican rep Allen Trovillion. The district has been changed by the Florida legislature to one which is predominantly Democratic. Trovillion can't run for re-election because of term limits.

Here comes the twisted parts. And there's going to be a quiz....
  1. Trovillion is the political troglodyte who told a group of gay high-school students visting the legislature in Tallahassee that they were gonna go to hell unless they repented their sin of being gay.
  2. Howell is gay.
  3. Howell is a Republican.
  4. Trovillion has endorsed one of the Democrats running for the seat.
  5. The Trovillion-endorsed candidate, Sheri McInvale, is for overturning the ban on gay folk adopting children.
  6. Howell's lover is still in the closet.
  7. The chair of the Orange County (that's Orlando) Democratic Party pulled the old like a "Jew voting for Hitler" comment regarding gay Democrats possibly voting for Howell.
  8. Howell's web site features a picture of himself, his son (by an earlier marriage), and his female campaign manager without identifying that she's not his wife; the photo's on this page. (Howell sez he's changing that to include the IDs.)
  9. Howell's site doesn't identify him as gay.
  10. Howell's site plays down that he's a Republican.
Got all that? Now the quiz. Which of the above proto-facts is the most offensive? It's your call.