Monday, July 22, 2002
Mixing and Other Racial Matters

Mickey Kaus talked about it on Sunday, 14 July. Today sees Andrew Sullivan talking about it. What is it?

Racial mixing, that's what. Both Kaus and Sullivan seem weirdly fond of the dated "miscegenation" term, though.

I guess it's too late for a candidate to run on a "Color Blind 2000" platform.

In addition, Stuart Buck has an entry with a link to an article in the (Nashville) Tennessean about Carol Swain, the author of a new book arguing that affirmative action actually increases the separation of the races. She also argues for limits on immigration to increase national cohesion.

My only comment is that I think it ought to be noted that much of this was covered by Michael Lind five or more years ago in his The Next American Nation. From the article on Swain, it's not too difficult to imagine that his take and hers will vary somewhat in their larger frameworks. Still, ideas like getting rid of "statistical" racial identification check offs on census and other government and other institutional forms isn't a brand new idea.