Tuesday, July 16, 2002
Life, Art, Comic Books, White Supremacists, a Harvard Girl, and a Hollywood Lunch

This story in today's New York Times tells of a couple of two-bit white supremicists in Boston who planned to blow up and/or kill Jewish and/or African-American individuals, groups, resources. Ugh.

This AP story covering the same territory in the Boston Globe (hmmm -- you'd think the Globe would sic at least its own journeyman reporter on this) notes that the male part of the pair has a mixed-race background. The female half -- who met her boyfriend via corresponence while he had been locked up -- had tried to get a good friend -- a Harvard student, no doubt -- to remove evidence from the couple's apartment. The female half's lawyer portrays her as a pawn of her boyfriend, whom she met via correspondence while he was in prison. No, it wasn't the usual "nice women who love bad men" story: She was soliciting inmates to join the white-power groups she belonged to.

The evidence cops have collected from the couple's apartment includes comic-like sketches of white supremacists blowing up ADL offices and housing projects inhabited by black folk. His lawyer says they're just drawing; the cops say they're plans.

If the potential outcomes of these bozos wasn't so ugly, this would be funny, like some lame Hollywood pitch gone bad. "Okay, okay. It's like 'Good Will Hunting' with a little bit of a 'The Believer' edge. You've got this half-white, half-black guy and his white-supremacist letter-writing girlfriend. And he's a comic book artist, too. But we need more babe action."

"How about a Harvard girl for her best friend?"

"Are you kidding. No one would ever believe that."