Sunday, July 14, 2002
Homophobic Behavior

Let's face it, Charles Johnson's mentioning the fact that George Michael got busted for cruising a public bathroom any time he mentions George Michael (example here) is homophobic (not literal "afraid of fags", but metaphorical "fags bad") behavior. George Michael is saying obviously stupid things, so just call them stupid things without dredging up issues that have nothing to do with the stupidity of what George Michael is saying.

Note, I'm not saying that Charles Johnson is a homophobe, I'm saying the behavior is homophobic. I'm not defending George Michael for crusing some public bathroom or for being a closet case for however many years. Or for saying patently stupid things about the state of affairs in the USA. I am saying, however, that since the fact that George Michael got busted for cruising has nothing to do with what he's saying now, what's the point of bringing it up, except to play some larger "homos icky" feelings.