Friday, July 26, 2002
Clowns Left, Jokers Right. One More Time

Howard Owens at Global News Watch has a nice piece titled Ninnies of Negative Spin taking the extremists on both sides of the political aisle to task for repeatedly predicting imminent dictatorship in the USA while never letting the facts on the ground get in their way.
It is thoroughly distasteful to see political discourse in this country reduced to an endless stream of ad hominem attacks. The vast majority of Bush's critics undercut their credibility through their relentless diatribes against the man and his policies.

I doubt that will ever change, but we need to recognize the partisan-freak criticisms for what they really are -- not thoughtful discourse, but hate-filled rants of lunatics.
Howard's got similar words for those who previously talked up the impending Clinton dictatorship.

From The Onion, 16 November 2000. Used without permission.