Friday, July 19, 2002

Eric S. Raymond's been to Texas, and he's raving about their barbecue in this log entry. It's a well-known phenomenon, though, that since the various kinds of barbecue remain largely regionally fragmented, then if you mention BBQ particular to one region, others will mention their own favorites. The comments following his log entry reflet that.

Having lived in Memphis and not seen either of Memphis's two types of barbecue -- the wet being chopped, not pulled (as claimed at one of the links below -- pulled is served more in Middle Tennessee), pork, served with cole slaw on a hamburger bun; the dry being pork ribs -- mentioned in those comments the last time I looked, I Googled the phrases "regional barbecue" and "regional bbq" and come up with a couple of interesting links.Addendum: Memphis also hosts what it claims is the World Championship Barbecue Contest as part of its annual Memphis in May happening.