Saturday, June 22, 2002
Wolfram Update N+1

My reading of Steven Wolfram's book, A New Kind of Science, got put on hiatus during my recent travelling days. I've finally had a chance to return to it, finishing Chapter 6 yesterday. If you thought I was a big old posseur for talking about reading it and had punted, that's not the case (although it's been tempting at times!).

It's first in Chapter 7 on randomness that Wolfram stops giving examples of simple systems displaying complicated properties and moves primarily into connecting the fact that simple systems display complicated properties with aspects of the universe as we know it. I'm hoping that the rate at which I'm able to read this tome will pick up now that I'm into this part of the book, but how fast I'm able to read is likely to be highly variable with the particular content being disucssed and my relative lack of knowledge of that area.